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“Bubba’s Peppers is a small pepper garden located in Southwest Iowa. We focus primarily on super hot peppers with a rating of 1 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) or more! Without the amazing starter pepper plants from Rolling Acres Farm we wouldn’t have had such an amazing and bountiful pepper garden. We had some super hot pepper plants that were 6 foot tall and produced hundreds of peppers throughout the season. The photos below were taken in the same area of our garden and just a few months apart. If you are looking for organically grown starter plants in the Southwest Iowa area, you can’t go wrong with see what Rolling Acres Farm can provide for you and your garden this year!”

Pepper Garden After Planting Starter Plants From Rolling Acres Farm. Mid-May 2021

Pepper Garden From Plants Purchased From Rolling Acres On September, 1st 2021