Are You Searching For Farm Grown Starter Plants?

Rolling Acres Farm Is Conveniently Located Between Des Moines, Iowa And Omaha, Nebraska

Our Starter Plant Options:

Larry Harris and Denise O’Brien have been farming organically on the farm where Larry was raised since 1976. Over forty five years we have transitioned from farming corn and soybeans to dairy to vegetable growing to opening a greenhouse business in 2020.

The plants grown in our greenhouse are certified organic and are raised from high quality seed purchased from High Mowing Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds and Harris Seeds. The soil we use is purchased from Beautiful Land products out of West Branch, Iowa. There are no harmful fertilizers or chemicals used in the greenhouse or on Rolling Acres Farm.

Our plants are treated with tender loving care, the goal in our greenhouse. They are raised from seed, watered by hand and handled with care unlike the retail stores where they are treated as a commodity. Most chain stores buy plants from distant greenhouses, fertilized heavily and trucked many miles to be taken care of by inexperienced people.

Denise has many years experience in raising starter tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and cabbage plants plus bedding plants like marigolds, zinnias and calendula to basil, thyme and oregano. The vegetables and flowers are an eclectic variety that includes Denise and Larry’s favorites, suggested favorites, and some varieties that have fun and unusual names. Supplies are limited as we continue to learn how to manage the greenhouse. We plan to have vegetables and flowers available throughout the spring and early summer.

The Harris O’Brien household is in the second year of building a straw bale house. This project is a labor of love and will hopefully be completed by Christmas 2022. We have used square baled oat straw, lumber purchased locally, clay dug from near the house and many items purchased from Craigslist and the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

When not in the field we enjoy bonfires and marshmallow roasts, kayaking, bird watching, blues concerts and being with our children and grandchildren.
Denise O’Brien and Larry Harris